Painting Contractor Pasadena

Looking for a reliable and affordable painting contractor in Pasadena? Whether you know exactly which colors and products you want to use or still need help turning your vision into reality, Affinity Painting Company can help. For example, choosing a color that is right for a specific part of your home or business may be difficult. Our professional painters have the knowledge to guide and assist you in choosing the products you will be happy with for years to come. You want your colors and the kind of paint you use to look good in your space and match your decorations. Not all paint looks the same as it does inside the paint can. Certain colors can make a space feel open or closed off. If you need guidance in this regard, we'd love to help you.

Affinity Painting Offers Low Prices and No Hidden Fees

Affinity Painting Company is reputed for providing high-quality service and top-notch work, but we are also known for our low prices. Our prices are the most competitive in Southern California, and we provide itemized quotes to give you all of your pricing upfront. We will match our competitors' prices, and there are no hidden fees when you work with us.

Having an itemized quote allows us to have a clear picture of precisely the kind of work you want to be done, including the areas to be painted, surfaces to be prepared, tools and materials to complete the job, and more.

Professional Grade Quality

There is more to a painting than just painting. Proper preparation and application are just as essential and as time-consuming as painting itself. An advantage of hiring Affinity Painting Company is that you probably don't know how to do everything that our professionals know, especially about the pre-paint phase. When we paint, we clean and wipe down all walls and surfaces to be painted, determine if anything needs to be repaired, prime the walls, tape everything off, cover plants and other indoor/outdoor personal items.

When you choose Affinity Painting Company, you know that you will get an excellent finished product that you can be proud of. We never drip paint or miss any spots. Plus, while you may reason that you might save money by painting yourself, you will lose lots of time, and you can save money by hiring us because we ensure a better and longer-lasting product. We also provide a full warranty on all of our work.

Benefit from Affinity Painting

There are many advantages to hiring our professional painters, including our knowledge, expertise, and experience levels. Along with advising you regarding the latest products and finishes and the best color choices for your residential or commercial environment, we can get in, get the job done and get out. To receive a quote, or to get an answer to a question you have about us or anything related to painting, be sure to reach out. Make Affinity Painting your painting contractor in Pasadena.

Painting Contractor Pasadena