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Many people consider ants so typical that they don't understand that they can be a genuine risk. Even if the colony of ants is outside, it's normally simply a question of time before it begins moving inside. It's a smart thought to consider ant control before they begin settling into your clothing and moving into the kitchen. Some ants sting and cause allergic reactions, vomiting and extreme pain for many people. Indeed, even ants that don't bite are finding ways to get to the food inside the home. They may travel several feet, crossing bird and rodent droppings before they walk on your food. For the most thorough and professional ant control in Forney, trust the experts at Safe Earth Pest Control to rid your home of unwanted bugs.

At Safe Earth Pest Control, we are the leading locally owned and operated a company that specializes in ant control in Forney, and throughout the entire area of the state. For over the last 50 years, more homeowners and businesses have put their confidence in our professional know-how and strong work ethic, more than any other pest control company around. We feel that our continuing growth and success is because we strive to treat you the same way that we would want our friends and families to be treated.

Inside the house, ants are usually behind skirting, around foundations, underneath floors and in cabinets and stoves. Killing the ants that can be seen is not adequate insect control. The trail they leave from their home to the food source is called pheromone, which is a chemical that is impervious to rain and sun and lasts for a long time. If the ants are gone, the trail to the food source remains. The initial step to take for ant control is to expel the attraction. Food should be placed in sealed containers and the zone should be wiped clean with a little dish soap on a wipe. The garbage area should likewise be kept sealed and clean.

There are actually more than 12,000 species of ants throughout the world and many people never see most of them, but the ones they do see can cause a real problem. The main ants seen indoors are the grease or thief ant, the offensive house ant, the pharaoh ant, the pavement ant and the carpenter ant. Outdoors they will be under logs, in rotted wood, in crevices in brickwork, in garbage bins, in planter pots and garden beds, as well as paved areas and lawns.

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ant control Forney